Trench Rollers TRC 66 / TRC 86

The TRC trench rollers are designed for maximum performance on cohesive soils, in trench construction, at construction work for pipelines, when compacting foundations and backfills and in road construction. The TRC trench compactors from Weber MT are ideally suited for use on heavy, humid or sticky soils, where conventional soil compactors would fail.

The powerful, water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine has the power reserves needed in demanding applications, thereby ensuring a high compaction output. Heavy-duty and state-of-the art hydraulic components designed for the toughest site conditions allow precise machine control and trouble free operation for many years.

For even greater operational convenience, a retrofittable radio remote control is available. State-of-the-art electronic systems ensure that the trench rollers are controlled precisely and reliably.

   TRC 66 / TRC 86  -  Hand-arm vibrations < 2,5 m/s²

Technical data:


TRC 66

TRC 86

Operating weight:

1350 kg

1390 kg

Working width:

65.4 cm

85.4 cm

Centrifugal force:

75 kN

75 kN


23 / 32 Hz

23 / 32 Hz


Kohler KDW 1003 (Diesel)

Kohler KDW 1003 (Diesel)

Power output, max.:

19.5 kW (26.7 HP)

19.5 kW (26.7 HP)

Available optional extras:
Remote control.