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Die neue MC 85 Grabenwalze (Mehrzweckverdichter) / The new MC 85 Trench roller (Mulitpurpose compactor)

MC 85 Trench roller / Grabenwalze

Trench rollers MC 85

The MC 85 Trench Roller shows its strengths particularly on cohesive soils, which are often difficult to compact. The high centrifugal force along with the kneading effect of the sheepsfoot rollers enables even heavy clay or soils with high water content to be compacted. The hydraulic articulated steering offers good traction without the freshly compacted soil being torn open when the drums turn. Trench rollers are used to compact base layers for foundations, paths or parking lots; for backfills; in pipeline and sewer construction.  


  • Water-cooled, 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine – innovative, modern and powerful. Meets the current emissions standards (Stage V and TEER 4f).
  • Low operating costs: Eco mode switches the engine to idle speed when the remote control is not being operated.

  • Protects the environment and saves costs due to low fuel consumption.

  • High operational reliability and ease of use: The fail-safe radio remote control is self-explanatory.

  • Service-friendly: Machine diagnostics can be carried out via the radio remote control.

  • Safety for the operator:
    The machine stops if the distance between the operator and the machine is closer than 2 m (6.5 ft.).

  • Long service life of the machine: The exciter housing is completely sealed within the rollers – this prevents damage caused by water ingress.
  • All hydraulic hoses are securely installed and fully protected against chafing or damage.
  • Easy maintenance:
    The oil-lubricated vibration exciters ensure a long service life.

  • Versatile: The choice between two compaction settings (36 and 73 kN – 8,093 and 16,411 lbs.) enables universal use on construction sties.

Technical data:


MC 85


1.628 kg

Working width:

82 cm

Compaction force:

73 (36) kN


42 Hz



Engine output max.:

17,5 kW (24,0 HP)

Incl. Remote control.

> MC 85 trench roller in a durability test 
Construction site - Filling a trench  

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