Hydostatic duplex roller DVH 655 E

The DVH-concept of pedestrian operated vibrating rollers has pointed the way ahead on the market for a long time. We took a different approach when specifying the design, ease of operation and safety features of our DVH rollers. The model DVH 655 E is a successful continuation of this tradition and has been developed to be a more safer and easier to operate machine.

A new travel drive system increases the DVH 655 E's operating safety and numerous technical features incorporated in the compactor prove that we manufacture the right product required on the job-site.

  • Resiliently mounted guide bar with multiple vibration absorbes ensures a non-fatiguing work place for the operator
  • Low maintenance and easily accessible Diesel engine mounted at the front of the machine
  • Tank mounted at the rear of the roller as additional sound protection for the operator
  • Engine with an electric starter
  • Hinged guide bar can be swung up and locked in the upright position for easy transport
  • The slim side of the roller is free from protruding components for compacting right up to lateral obstructions
  • High ground clearance
  • Central lifting lug for safe and easy hoisting
  • Four lashing points for safe truck transport
  • High speed range for quick job-site transport
  • Cooler fan for the engine compartment and hydraulics for increased protection against overheating
  • Water tank and tubing made of non-corroding and durable PVC


DVH 655 E

Operating weight:

732 kg

Working width:

65 cm

Centrifugal force:

21 kN


62 Hz


Kohler KD15 440

Power output, max.:

7.5 kW (10.1 HP)

>> Operating DVH 655 (YouTube)