FUE / FUD - rotating converters

FUE rotating converters are used to drive the WEBER MT IV motor in head internal vibrators. The extensive range covers all standard AC and 3-phase connections from 230 to 400 V.

All standard internal vibrators with 200 Hz and 42 or 48 V can be connected simultaneously, depending on the number of socket outlets available and the current output requirements.

The converters are supplied with either skids and carrying handle or a tubular frame. Each converter also contains a 3 m supply cable with plug connector and a motor protection switch to prevent overloading.

Technical data:


FUE 1,3

FUD 2,5

FUD 4,0*

Output voltage:




Current consumption:

4,0 A

14,0 A

7,9 A

Rated power:

16,0 A

34,0 A

55,0 A


36 kg

39 kg

59 kg

Number of electric outlets:




* FUD 4,0 with traveling frame