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Die neue MC 85 Grabenwalze (Mehrzweckverdichter) / The new MC 85 Trench roller (Mulitpurpose compactor)

MC 85 Trench roller / Grabenwalze

Paver roller VPR 700 DC

Paver roller VPR 700 - battery technology for construction sites with reduced emissions and noise.

Weber MT, the specialist for hand-guided compacting equipment, is launching the VPR 700 DC as a paver roller that is ideal for work in interior rooms and in emission-regulated cities. Better yet, the machines also contribute to the protection of the climate and the environment.

The electric / battery-powered machines are based on their model siblings that operate with gasoline engines. This is why the VPR 700 DC delivers the same excellent work results and level of performance as the comparable model powered by a gas engine. The machine has been designed specifically for the challenging task of compacting large-size slabs. The VPR 700 DC rolls over the material with exceptional gentleness. This smooth mode of operation prevents the slabs from shifting or from sustaining damage at their corners or edges. Top-tier manufacturers of large-size and surface-finished slabs, which increasingly become the preferred material for walkways or public areas, recommend the use of paver rollers.

One battery for all machines included in Weber MT's battery-powered series (except SRE 300).
No-tool battery change.

Battery capacity 720 Wh  -  Voltage 72 V  -  Rated capacity 10 Ah
Charging time 0 - 80 % = 1 hour  -  Charging time 0 - 100 % = 1.5 hours

Easy and reliably engine start with the press of a button.

Battery with easy-to-read charge indicator and self-diagnostic feature. Effortless and intuitive operation of the machine.


VPR 700 DC

Operating weight:

183 kg

Working width:

67 cm

Centrifugal force:

14 kN


100 Hz


Honda GXE2.0

Power output:

1.8 kW

>> Paver roller on a construction site (YouTube)