CR 2 Reversible

Ideal machine for asphalt projects!

Centrifugal force: 5,620 lbs.     Weight: 315 lbs.   Working width: 18"    Engine: Honda GX 160 

Any Landscaper or construction contractor who plans on compacting asphalt or pavers for maintenance purposes has found the right tool in our CR2. Delivering a centrifugal force of 5,620 lbs., this reversible soil compactor is the best lightweight, all-rounder machine you can use on the construction site. 

The CR 2 has long distinguished itself in a large variety of sand, gravel, pavement and asphalt compaction applications. Thanks to the unique construction of its base plate, this powerful soil compactor made by Weber MT, offers exceptional stability and outstanding operating characteristics. 

The Honda generated gas power unit is fully protected against external damage by an engine protection frame and cover. To increase mobility on the job, a rugged wheel kit has been integrated into every machine. 

Optional extras:
Water sprinkler system for asphalt compaction, polyurethane pad


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