CR 1 Reversible

CR 1 forward plate - smaller and lighter

Replacing a previous model, the CR 1 Honda has been redesigned from the ground up. This smaller and lighter model took both visual and technical design cues from its larger sibling - the CR 2 soil compactor. Its new diminutive size makes the CR 1 Honda the lightweight among reversible soil compactors.
The machine’s most outstanding feature is its ultra-low hand-arm vibrations of 1.5 m/s2, which are well below the so-called action value (2.5 m/s2).
Offering infinitely variable forward and reverse travel, the unit can perform precise compaction in narrow spaces. These exceptional properties turn the CR 1 Honda into a universal tool for compacting paved and asphalted surfaces and compaction in low trenches or general compaction in hardscape and landscape sectors.

The CR 1 is equipped with a Honda GX 120 gasoline engine.

Hand-Arm-Vibrations < 2,5 m/s²



CR1 Hd

 Operating weight :

203 lbs. 

 Working width :

14 in.

Centrifugal force: 

3,372 lbs. 

Frequency : 

100 Hz

Engine : 

Honda GX 120

Power output, max. :

3.3 HP (2.4 kW)


Optional Accessories:

Polyurethane pad, wheel kit, water tank

Financing available: