SRE 300 Battery-powered Rammer

Efficient compacting with zero emissions - SRE 300

Weber MT breaks new ground with their SRE 300 battery-powered rammer. Instead of being mounted directly on top of the rammer, the battery pack is tucked into a backpack that the operator can carry with ease. Your advantage: low weight of the rammer (only 73 lbs ).

The lithium-ion battery is distinguished by exceptionally high energy density. Delivering an energy content of 1,220 Wh, the battery allows the SRE 300 rammer to operate for up to 1 ¼ hours.

Thanks to the electric motor / battery the rammer works with absolutely no emissions and easily complies with even the most stringent of environmental regulations.

The new light SRE 300 vibratory rammer is suitable for trenches, and especially for compacting pipe ties, conduit, etc.. The electric rammer can also be used in deep trenches or closed rooms or in landscaping in general.

Your advantages:

  • Works with absolutely no emissions.
  • Low weight
  • High capacity battery (1.220 Wh)
  • Exceptionally long battery life (max. 75 min.).
  • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Highly versatile battery - interchangeable with other equipment that use Pellenc batteries.

Technical data:


SRE 300

  Operating weight : 

73 lbs. 

  Operating weight of
  battery & backpack :

17 lbs.

  Shoe width : 

5.5 in.

  Percussion rate :

790 1/min.

  Rated Output : 

1.1 kW

  Engine : 

Direct current engine (brushless)


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