Internal Concrete Vibrators IVUR/ IVURplus

IVUR - High frequency internal vibrators are a combination of an internal vibrator and a frequency converter and the ideal solution for professional concrete compaction.

They can be connected directly to an AC outlet with a corresponding upstream of standard RCD protection.

Safety plays a key role. The electronic components of the converter are protected by a cast compound. Additionally the electronics incorporates protection against overheating. An integrated fault current protection protects the user against ground faults and short circuits.

The IVURplus models offer further security. A protective conductor monitoring checks if the grounding is present and functioning properly.
Protection is further increased by fusing that protects against leakage currents, short circuits and earth leakage.
When it comes to flexibility, the advantages of the IVURplus models cannot be beat: Held togehter by a plug-in and screw connection,
internal vibrator and frequency converter can be disconnected with perfect ease.
IVURplus high-frequency internal vibrators are available models: with a protective tube measuring 5 meters pavement
vibrator with a 0.8 meter protective tube (IVURplus D).

In addition, users can opt between poker diameters of 40, 50 and 58 millimeters for all IVUR and IVURplus models.

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