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Die neue MC 85 Grabenwalze (Mehrzweckverdichter) / The new MC 85 Trench roller (Mulitpurpose compactor)

MC 85 Trench roller / Grabenwalze

WEtrac - Engine protection plus telematics

WEtrac combines the safety of MDM motor protection with the advantages of telematics.

Important engine-related parameters are recorded by the MDM (CCD 2.0) and transmitted via GSM mobile signal to the web portal of the Weber MT partner’s Trackunit.

The following data can be retrieved:

  • battery voltage,
  • engine oil pressure,
  • engine temperature,
  • soiling of the air filter.

In addition, the current operating hours and the remaining hours until the next maintenance.

WEtrac also transmits the current GPS position of the machine.


In the Trackunit web portal, all transmitted data can be viewed.

By customizing the system, messages can be e-mailed when the machine is moved or leaves a predefined area. This provides additional theft protection.

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