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Die neue MC 85 Grabenwalze (Mehrzweckverdichter) / The new MC 85 Trench roller (Mulitpurpose compactor)

MC 85 Trench roller / Grabenwalze

MDM - engine protection / COMPATROL 2.0

By launching COMPATROL® technology, Weber MT broke new ground in the engineering
of surface covering compaction control for walk-behind soil compactors. Constantly
striving to elevate the quality and efficiency of their machines to ever higher levels,
Weber MT’s investment in research and development is above average.
The latest fruit of these investments: COMPATROL® 2.0 – the expansion of the compaction
control by the active engine protection system MDM, available for CR 6 to CR 9 series of soil compactors.                      These models will be available in three versions: the standard version
including the well-proven E-start (special order only); the MDM version with the new active engine protection;
and the COMPATROL® 2.0 version which will offer both compaction control and engine protection.

MDM engine protection

The CR 6, CR 7, CR 8 and CR 9 soil compactors with MDM engine protection and COMPATROL® 2.0 
offer extensive safety precautions. In case of low engine oil pressure, high engine temperature or
heavily soiled air filter, the Hatz diesel engine switches off automatically. If an error occurs, the operator is made aware of this by an LED indicator. Engine damages caused by inadequate maintenance are a thing of the past.

Life time and operational reliability of the engine are significantly extended.

The green LED signal indicates that the soil compactor is ready for use.


Error message: Engine oil pressure is too low! The engine will be switched off immediately.


Error message: Battery is not charging!


Error message: Engine temperature too high! Shutdown 3 minutes after the LED signal has flashed.


Error message: Air filter very dirty! Shutdown 10 minutes after the LED signal has flashed.


Display before next maintenance time.
10 hours before the maintenance time has been reached (first maintenance at 150 operating hours), the LED signal flashes.
The service date will be displayed for 5 seconds, then switches over to hour meter.
After engine start only the operating hours are displayed.

Further information:

  • Switch off the machine on the ignition lock.

  • Reset the maintenance time using a magnet.

  • MDM display can be changed (e.g. by external damage).

  • Ignition lock can be changed easily.


COMPATROL® is based on a frequency band analysis and consists of a display (CCD Compaction Control Display) and an accelerometer.
COMPATROL® measures the acceleration increase or decrease of the base plate, compares that measurement with the soil conditions registered by the system and converts it to “electrical voltage”. The result is easily shown in the display:
If the number of flashing diodes does not increase, the operator knows that the maximum compaction has been achieved on that soil with this machine.  

COMPATROL® 2.0 – the extension of the compaction control to the active motor protection MDM applies to the CR 6 to CR 9 series of soil compactors.

COMPATROL® is not a replacement for conventional testing methods, but provides you an useful addition to the quality assurance and takes the guess-work out.

Automatic function check of the machine.   

Automatic  frequency check of the machine.
(Green LED flashes until optimum frequency
is reached).                                                                 

Operation (after 5-10 seconds)

Brochure MDM / CCD 2.0