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Die neue MC 85 Grabenwalze (Mehrzweckverdichter) / The new MC 85 Trench roller (Mulitpurpose compactor)

MC 85 Trench roller / Grabenwalze

Benefit for operator and employer

Machines with hand-arm vibrations of less than 2,5 m/s2 provide
operators and business owners practical advantages:

  • Efficient and user-friendly compaction at the same time

  • Working without time limitations

  • Elimination of the obligatory documentation

See our product descriptions with this symbol.

This allows you to quickly find vibratory plates and reversible compactors with the lowest hand-arm vibrations.

Our products with low hand-arm vibrations:

CF 1 Hd Forward plate,   CF 2 Hd Forward plate,

CR 3 Hd Reversible plate,

CR 6 Reversible plate, CR 7 / CR 7 Hd Reversible plate, CR 8 Reversible plate,

TRC 66 / TRC 86 Trench roller

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