Our Warranty Process

All Weber MT products are warrantied for a period of two (2) years from the “in- service” date.  This covers all manufacturing defects with the machine components.  The dealer must maintain the machine according to the service manual.  Weber MT USA Inc. is not responsible for any engine claims on the machine.  Each engine manufacturer has its own warranty procedure and dealer network which has to be followed.  We can, however, assist the customer if there is a problem getting service.

Procedure for filing Warranty Claim against a Weber MT Product:

Dismantle problem area and determine parts requirements.
Order repair parts from Weber MT. Clearly indicate on your PO that parts are for possible warranty repair.  Be sure to provide the model and serial number of the unit being repaired.
Upon receipt of parts, complete needed repairs.
Be sure to include a completed claim form clearly indicating all parts used, any shop supplies, labor, and incoming/return freight costs.  Be sure to include a copy of the original bill of sale for the machine to your customer and a copy of the invoice for the repair parts.
Retain defective parts for reference.
Failure to follow this procedure could result in delays or factory denied claim.

IMPORTANT: Dealer or end user must return the completed “Warranty Registration” within 20 days of the machine’s first use or any warranty claims could be rejected. Unless warranty forms have been submitted, all outstanding "pending warranty" invoices must be paid within the time frame specified on the invoice.

Claims under warranty have to be submitted without delay. If Weber staff does not carry out the repair the warranty claim form has to be sent to the factory no later than 4 weeks after the repair date. The distributor has to keep the damaged and dismantled parts at Weber’s disposal until the final warranty decision has been made. If the above-mentioned 4-week period for filing the claim is exceeded, Weber reserves the right to reject any cost or claims without further recourse.


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