Reverzní vibrační deska CR 7

Odstředivá síla: 65 kN   -   Pracovní šířka: 65 (80) cm   -   Hmotnost: 430 - 477 kg

Impressively Cost-Effective

The reversible soil compactors CR 6 and CR 7 / CR 7 Hd stand out above the
competition with their superb compacting capacity and superior efficiency.
Machines made by Weber MT are always the number one choice - whether
they are needed for classic applications in road building and civil engineering
or for embedding paving stones.
Their balanced operating characteristics and exceptionally smooth operation
with low hand-arm vibrations provide for superb ease of use. This high level
of comfort is also guaranteed by the guide bar  which can be folded up and
locked as well as adjusted to the operator‘s body  height.
An all-around enclosure and the sturdy frame provide full protection for the
engine, thereby increasing operational reliability. Meanwhile, the maintenance
door in the front of the machine provides easy access to all  essential
maintenance points. Apart from the standard features including E-start, other
features are also offered for the CR 6 and CR 7 soil compactors with Hatz
diesel engine.
The features available in the „MDM“ and the „CCD 2.0“ versions of these models
include, respectively, a motor data management  system and the COMPATROL®
compaction control system.

Navíc je deska CR 7 dostupná se verzi WEtrac – systém vyhodnocování telemetrických dat od Weber MT.

Alternativně je model CR 7 dodáván také s benzínovým motorem Honda.
- CR 7 Hd.

  CR 7 / CR 7 Hd  -  Hand-arm vibrations _ Přenos vibrací na ruce/paže < 2,5 m/s²

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